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KALDET (Astrid Saalbach)

Director: Victoria Meirik
Lighting: Kim Glud

"Kaldet" is about a group of blind people working on a callcenter - and their technical support, the lonely guy Rune, who is fascinated and frightened by them. Rune has hallucinations and his sense of reality is slowly fading away. He gets an almost religious aim to save the world by eliminating what he begins to believe is a secret conspiracy among the blinds.
The text is a mix of grotesque sci-fi thriller and everyday office drama. I designed a space that was inspired by an office but had a alienated atmosphere.  The whole space we covered in grey carpet which minimised all sounds. We used artificial sounds and minimal lighting to create a universe where you can never completely trust your senses, like Rune feels he cannot trust his surroundings.  


Photo: © Rumle Skafte

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