Director: Rasmus Ask

Lighting: Jesper Jepson

"Welcome to the Internet" is a guided sightseeingtrip round the internet visiting som of its many different aspects and dilemmas. 

The task was to design a space that could cover all of its comic, absurd, positive and scary sides. The play was written during rehearsals but the set was designed before we started rehearsing. 

My solution became a luminous set built in LED that could constantly change looks and atmosphere - it could be a overthetop-happy-techni-color show in one scene and be an unfamiliar and lonely place in the next. 

Three "internetguides" are leading the "tour". They are jumping in and out of a lot of different characters to show us the different destinies of the young people living in an internet-world where everything is changing quickly but everything you do is saved forever.  

I designed the costumes during the rehearsal proces along with the actors and director developing the characters. The style is inspired by manga comics and a pop youth culture that has access to all the different references you can imagine. 

Photo: © Per Pedersen

Photo: © Per Pedersen

Photo: © Marie Marchner

Photo: © Per Pedersen