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AF MANDENS RIBBEN (Julie Petrine Glargaard, Silje Louise Waters)



Director: Gitte Aagaard


This was two one-act plays in one - with the theme "the modern woman". 

Act 1 was Julie Petrine Glargaards "Under Glasloftet" (Under the Glass Ceiling)  

Act 2 was Silje Louise Waters "Kvinden er den eneste Lystfisker der bruger sig selv som Agn"

(Woman is the only angler who uses herself as Fishing Bait)

Both texts worked with quite absurd universes in each way.

The set of act 1 looked like a shop display complete with prices on all probs. Act 2 was like some strange kind of gallery. 

The set could be changed quickly in the break. 


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